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Vitré is a city that has survived the ages: its alleys and houses are precious witnesses of the past. They reserve for the most seasoned glances hidden treasures, some of which are still unknown to Vitreans. Ready for a secret and unusual visit off the beaten track?

Secret facades: zoom on rue de Baudrairie

The old merchant houses have many stories to tell. Full of details, they will share their secrets with you if you take the time to admire them. In the heart of Vitré, at number 38 rue de la Baudrairie, find the old wooden sign indicating the direction of Vitré castle ?

You will also discover:

  • a very beautiful house with Renaissance decor with blue shutters. Looking up, you will meet the gaze of intriguing faces carved in wood… Among them, Diana, goddess of the hunt (number 25)
  • a rich Renaissance style door and its elegant details carved in stone (number 16)
  • an astonishing mustached character which sticks its tongue out to passers-by ... (number 7)
  • a house decorated with lilies with a rare external staircase with baluster. You will notice the wooden stalls on which the craftsmen displayed their goods (number 5)
  • a curious hanging metal part to a former merchant's shop: it allowed the cellars to lower the barrels into the cellar.

Secret alleys: surprises around rue d'En Bas

The Rue d'En Bas © Vitré Community - Thibault Poriel

Rue d'En Bas is one of the most charming of Vitré. Colorful and very lively, it conceals merchant shops and remarkable stone houses with flowered windows. But not that ... Venture until you cross the rue de la Tremoille : you will enjoy a hidden point of view featuring the roofs of the rue d'En Bas and the top of the towers of the Vitré castle.

Facing the rue de la Tremoille, a slightly secret passage arouses curiosity: the lane of the Botte Dorée. It leads to a small courtyard in which hides an astonishing spiral staircase, hidden in a tower covered with slate. Under the window sill, a king's madman will perhaps wave his bells as you pass.

The secret gardens of the Benedictine Priory

The Priory of the Benedictines adjoins Notre-Dame de Vitré church. Founded in the XNUMXth century and rebuilt in the middle of the XNUMXth century by the Maurists, it now houses the House of World Cultures. Two gardens are to be discovered. the Benedictine Garden is an outdoor garden overlooking the Vilaine. It offers a green panorama over the Pré des Lavandières and the northern district of Vitré.

The second garden is located inside the priory. To enter, you will have to find the discreet door located at the corner of the Priory. It leads to the cloister, oasis of calm and serenity. You will be charmed by this nicely wooded square-shaped garden, each side of which is surrounded by five arches.

You are now ready to discover Vitré from a different perspective. Take advantage of this urban treasure hunt to

visit the historic center !