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The return of spring, the first rays of sunshine, the prospect of vacation, make us want beautiful outings and family getaways. The Pays de Vitré Tourist Office recommends a few places, activities and leisure activities in our beautiful region so that you can spend a weekend or a multivitamin holiday from the April holidays!

Embas Street

©Pierre Lepoutre

For a day, a weekend, or a week, it's easy as hello to go around the Pays de Vitré while having fun and enjoying our "home" and our beautiful places.
Hikes, sports or cultural activities, heritage visits... there will be something for everyone. For some unforgettable family vacation, discover the activities in Vitré and around.


Vitré and its surroundings, an ideal destination to get together

The medieval city of Vitré is nestled at the gates of Brittany, a chance for a peaceful and charming getaway. A nature stay, with friends or family, which becomes a real invitation to discovery and relaxation, to be enjoyed without moderation.

Carnaval Gais Lurons Vitré

It's the start of the holidays!

Le night carnival Gay Lurons takes place on Saturday, April 6.

The “Fairy of Lights” will begin at 21:30 p.m. for a grandiose finale around midnight at Place du Champ de Foire in Vitré. A confetti battle is of course planned!

It is a joyful and colorful event that attracts many visitors each year. The streets of the city will be animated by lively music, and extravagant and illuminated floats. The Gais Lrons, known for their festive spirit, promise an unforgettable evening for all those who participate. So get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting ambience of this magical carnival and create lasting memories under the twinkling stars of this festive night.

Former Tannery, Pré des Lavandières ©crtb-Thibault Poriel

Visit Vitré with the family

Have you ever crossed a medieval city in an original way? Try it geocaching using your smartphone, and discover Les Trésors de Haute-Bretagne, a 2.0 treasure hunt that children will love!

Beginning at the foot of the ramparts of Vitré, the walk will take you down a gentle slope to one of Vitré's secret places: the Lavandières' meadow. This space is a veritable oasis of greenery and calm just a stone's throw from the city center.
On the banks of the Vilaine, an old tannery, sheep and green meadows offer a pure moment of tranquility.

Glazed on the medieval side

For lovers of medieval history, the city of Vitré is an exceptional setting. She welcomes the Castle of Vitré and its museum which will delight young and old. He will take you to the heart of the fortress to learn its history, you will be able to wander through the richly decorated rooms, contemplate the paintings, and imagine the daily life of the barons who inhabited these walls. The castle offers a fascinating dive into the past, transporting you to a time when knights reigned supreme and tournaments made the city vibrate.

Sunday 21, within the courtyard of the Château de Vitré, XNUMXth century atmosphererd century. Braëllo's Companions invite you to come and discover the handling of weapons with popularization workshops which are at the heart of their activities. Meet these history buffs during one of their training sessions.

Vitré culture side

How about a guided tour?

Discover Vitré differently… and follow the guide for a “Disturbing and mysterious walk in Vitré”

contact service Groups from the Tourist Office.

Peckish ?

To eat, opt for a table of character or on the go in the city center of Vitré or in the surrounding area.
The good addresses There is no shortage of creperies, specialties cooked over a wood fire, bistros, traditional cuisine… The hardest part will be making your choice!

What to do on vacation with children?

Activities to do in the Pays de Vitré

To find out what to do in and around Vitré, browse the different activities outside.
The Pays de Vitré is teeming activities to do with children. A leisure offer for those who like games or challenges.
Unforgettable and so important moments to share with friends or family.

Have fun at the Leisure Center

In April, the Leisure centre de la Haute-Vilaine offers land-based activities. Children can have fun mountain biking, or with an orienteering course.

While you stay on land, and try your hand at mountain biking on the 7 km route around the lake, to keep an eye out for the minots. When they come back to earth, try them out at the educational trail and a scavenger hunt " Take the plunge " .

Drizzy weather?

Don't panic, the NextAdventure in Vitré offers several indoor activities to brighten up your day. How about a Virtual Reality arcade game session?

Or else Laser Game : this fun activity to do as a family, this game of strategy and skill is accessible from 8 years old.
So let yourself be carried away by the adventure and make the most of your day, even in gray weather!

Go green with the family 

A desire to let off steam? Go for a walk Corbiere forest, 10 minutes from Châteaubourg, for a bucolic adventure!

Pass through the 630 hectares of the site, and thanks to the pedestrian circuit of 3,5 kilometers laid out, you can discover the forest around the pond and take the opportunity to pick up mushrooms with your family, everything is at your disposal in this forest.

event The Sportiviales from 15 to April 21

Vitré's flagship sporting event!
Au Programs : the urban race The Medieval (Friday, April 19) with two special routes for children, Place du Château de Vitré.
The weekend of April 20 and 21 is « All at the Park » :
Several activities will be exhibited in the Jardin du Parc de Vitré, in particular the Sports Tremplin: at the heart of sporting discovery for the happiness of children from 6 to 12 years old!

Enigma Park, so many adventures!

Puzzles, games, a paradise for children... and adults!

Go on an adventure in Janzé, in this recreation Park 100% covered!