18km south-west of Vitré, the Promenade des Miniatures, also called Promenade Chesnais, takes you to discover some twenty miniatures of French monuments in stone and slate, produced by the local article Henri Chesnais (1932-2016 ). Arranged along the green corridor of the Vallon, they offer themselves to the amazed gazes of passers-by of all ages.

©Tourist Office of the Pays de Vitré

Miniature Tour de France

The Miniatures walkconstitutes an overview of French heritage. The path, XNUMX kilometer long, is punctuated by explanatory panels produced by students from Domagné schools.

Brittany is of course in the spotlight: you will find the Châteaugiron castle, Parliament of Brittany (Reindeer), the chapel of La Peinière (Saint-Didier), the Ar Men lighthouse (Île de Sein) or the Solidor tower (Saint Malo).

But that's not all ! Henri Chesnais also represented the Pont du Gard, castle of Lassay-les-Châteaux, Caussenarde farm in Lozère et three Vendée Globe boats.

Miniatures de Domagé
©Tourist Office of the Pays de Vitré

A real work of goldsmith

A few numbers will leave you speechless, like the 365 windows of the Chambord Castle or the six tons of stones used to make the Pont du Gard.

The most impressive monument is undoubtedly the Mont-Saint-Micheland its XNUMX tonnes of pebbles. Composed of XNUMX stone blocks, it now sits majestically in the middle of a clearing. It is easily spotted from the parapet of rue Saint-Pierre.
The Lourdes basilicaweighs XNUMX tonnes. Each monument is teeming with details, each more realistic than the next, a true work of goldsmith.

These miniatures are even more incredible when you know that the majority of them were made from postcards !

Pratical information

Free access - Free.
Picnic tables available.
You can extend your walk to the Poirier leisure park, which is very pleasant with its water point and wooden play structures,
or discover the “Ruisseau de Guines” hiking trail.