Vitré is at the heart of a natural and immensely rich territory. Indulge in the pleasure of water sports on the 150 hectares of lakes, choose from more than 70 hiking trails or discover the vitreous bocage by bike, in complete freedom. A real breath of fresh air!

The 3 lakes in the area: La Valière, La Cantache and the Haute-Vilaine leisure center

About 6 kilometers from Vitré, the Valière lake offers a natural immersion appreciated by families and hikers. A 9-kilometer circuit allows you to go around it: the promenade is ideal for observing many migratory birds. On the horizon, the gothic silhouette of the Rochers-Sévigné Castle  watch over walkers.

North-west of Vitré, theCantache pond is one of joggers' favorites since it offers several circuits from 2 to 12 kilometers. During your walk around the lake, you will be able to see the Menhir des Hautes-Vallées and a reed bed where the birds come to lay. Also embark on a high-tech treasure hunt with the geocaching course "In the footsteps of Cantache" (application " Treasures of Upper Brittany »Free download). Want to continue the ride? Less than 3 kilometers away, discover the village of Champeaux and its magnificent Renaissance collegiate church


La Haute Vilaine leisure center, in Saint-M'Hervé, offers a multitude of activities for all ages all year round! In summer, try your hand at canoeing, rowing, kayaking, pedal boating or even windsurfing, unless you fancy a leisurely swim. On dry land waiting for you educational trails (7 and 14 kilometers), mountain biking, pétanque and children's games. A “Take the plunge” geocaching course is also available. Picnic areas and barbecues complete the equipment of this leisure base. Everything is there to spend a beautiful day for two, with family or friends!

The surroundings of Vitré, a hiker's paradise

No less than 75 hiking trails are to be explored in the territory of Vitré. From 3 to 30 kilometers long, they adapt to every desire and can be practiced by foot, by bike or on horseback. Here are some suggestions of hikes!

©Max Juillot

-> The educational trail of the Corbière Forest  Enter the heart of this 630 hectare forest thanks to this easily accessible circuit that will take you from the edge of the pond to the ruins of the former forester's house. The little extra: the 3,5 kilometers of the trail are dotted with explanatory panels.     

-> Le Pertre 

Several trails departing from this town: the Circuit du Bois de Clermont (12,5km), the Circuit du Vau Follet (8,2km), the Circuit de la Chapelle Saint-Joseph (3,8km) and the Circuit des Communs ( 25 km).

-> The Wolf Circuit in Argentré-du-Plessis 
A century ago, wolf was very present in the region of Argentré-du-Plessis. This 14,4 km circuit begins at the Moulin-Neuf pond and continues in the middle of nature. A nod to the animal: directions are indicated by signs in the shape of a wolf's head.

Convenient : a guidebook is on sale at the Pays de Vitré Tourist Office and at the La Guerche de Bretagne Tourist Information Office (€ 5).

Voie Verte Vitré Fougères
Greenway Vitré Fougères ©Vitré Community – ADT35 – MLeGall

A bicycle…

Two green ways leave from Vitré. You can join Moutiers in 20 kilometers following the route of an old railway line. The shaded course will offer you pretty points of view on the vitreous bocage, chapels and ponds.

A second greenway (26 km) takes you to Fougères to discover in particular its impressive fortified castle: it crosses 8 municipalities and natural spaces such as the lake of La Cantache and the pond of Châtillon-en-Vendelais.

Bicycles Walks in the Pays de Vitré : Six loops await you in the territory, departing from Argentré-du-Plessis, Châteaubourg, Louvigné-de-Bais, La Guerche-de-Bretagne, Parcé and Marcillé-Robert.
Composed mainly of small roads, they are a pleasant way to discover the local heritage.