Experience a timeless moment discovering the Bois Cornillé park. In Val-d'Izé, about ten kilometers north-west of Vitré, you will discover an exceptional estate, witness to the Belle Époque, where a magnificent neo-Gothic style castle sits surrounded by an incredible landscaped park of 100 hectares.

The park of the Château du Bois Cornillé: when the garden becomes a landscape, when the landscape becomes a garden

It was in 1872 that the landscape designer Denis Bühler imagined for the Domaine du Bois Cornillé a park designed for walking. The creator of Thabor park in Rennes wonderfully enhances the surrounding bocage by featuring the countryside of Val-d'Izé, in the heart of the vitreous bocage.

In 1900, the landscaper Edouard André completed the arrangements of his predecessor by mixing the tradition of French garden and English inspiration.

You will enjoy strolling among the alleys and flowerbedsto discover the gems of the park. Walk around the pondto hear the song of the frogs, or to photograph the meadows and bell towers of Val-d'Izé from the panoramic balconyand go in search of the old door of the Rennes prison, installed beyond the forest star. Perhaps you will even have the chance to see a deer, a hare or a heron ...

©Tourist Office of the Pays de Vitré

The castle of Bois Cornillé

The original mansion dates back to fifteenth century, he is completed and enlarged in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.
In 1883, the brothers Jules and Henri Mellet completely remodeled the castle in the neogothic style by integrating many medieval ornaments such as machicolations, turrets, warheads or even weather vanes and gargoyles.

From the paths of the park or around a grove, you will enjoy magnificent views of the castle, its towers and its chapel. You will imagine yourself at the Sleeping Beauty's castle, quite simply ...


Le Bois Cornillé park is open from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m. every day from May to September, the rest of the year by appointment. Guided tours with the owner of the estate by appointment.
Allow 1 to 2 hours for a visit (the castle cannot be visited).
Reservations at +06 07 79 11 32 XNUMX.
Prices : € 6 / adult, free for children under 18 accompanied by their family.
Annual pass: € 12.