Du 15 au April 21th

An unmissable event, the Sportiviales is a mix of sport with its famous hikes around the lakes, and its urban race. But also culture, music... all sprinkled with good humor! The Sportiviales return for a 24th edition and it will take place at the Jardin du Parc from April 15 to 21, 2024!

“The Medieval” Urban Race ©Les Sportiviales

An unmissable event at the start of the tourist season, the Sportiviales is a mix of sports (urban running, springboard for sports and hiking), culture (Book Fair and photo exhibition), music (concerts), all sprinkled with friendliness and good humor! There is something for all tastes and all ages!

For the first time since its creation, the Sportiviales will take place on Saturday and Sunday in the very beautiful Jardin du Parc, from the XNUMXth century, located at the entrances to the town centre.

The “La Médiévale” urban race, between nature and heritage 𐊔 on Friday April 19

À from 18 p.m.: opening.

balance bikes (18 p.m.): original race on balance bikes for 00-2 year olds

The Bambino Trail (18:30 p.m.): 20-minute run over approximately 1 km, for accompanied children aged 5 to 12. A family race which is also an opportunity to come in disguise! (Registration on site, from 16 p.m., Place du Château)

©Les Sportiviales

Take part in this pretty race combining heritage and nature, to discover the architectural heritage of the medieval city and its surrounding natural spaces.

From the cobbled streets of the medieval city to the towers, climb up the Tour Saint-Laurent, passage on the western rampart, and the tower of the Oratory, descend by the grand staircase... An incredible and completely new course not to be missed!
Accessible to all, men, women, amateurs or confirmed. Two routes:

  • The “little” Medieval (1 loop – 5,5 km): departure 19 p.m.
  • The “great” Medieval (2 loops – 11 km): departure 20 p.m.

The hiking festival around the lakes of the Pays de Vitré:

Monday April 15 to Friday April 19:

The tour of the lakes of the Pays de Vitré – the famous CANVIVA circuit (Cantache, Vilaine, Valiere) and its 5-step hike for a Beautiful Escape to the Inland Land!

A 113 km circuit divided into 5 stages of around twenty kilometers each, to take à la carte, day by day or in residence, or even in half-steps if you wish!

  • Monday 15: from Vitré to Châtillon-en-Vendelais 𐊔 18 km                                   
  • Tuesday 16: from Châtillon-en-Vendelais to La Chapelle-Erbrée 𐊔 21 km              
  • Wednesday 17: from La Chapelle-Erbrée to Bréal-sous-Vitré 𐊔 20 km                        
  • Thursday 18: from Bréal-sous-Vitré to Le Pertre 𐊔 21 km   
  • Friday 19: from Le Pertre to Vitré 𐊔 26 km 

Practical information for each hike:

Reception from 9:30 a.m. / Departure at 10 a.m. / Departure at 13:30 p.m. in the afternoon from the picnic spot.
Prices : €5 in the morning; 3€ in the afternoon + 3€ for the shuttle return
Registrations only necessary for picnics, evening meals –> using the reservation form below.

©VitréCommunauté-Mathieu Le Gall

Lake Valière

From April 20 and 21, it will be “ All at the Park  "!

And also… hikes and Nordic walking in Vitré

Saturday April 20: Nordic hiking (course of 7,820 km) for a departure at 14 p.m. from the Halle du Parc to the “Village du Livre”. On-site registration only. > €5 per walker.

Sunday April 21: “Les Familiales”, discovery hikes during the afternoon 𐊔 2 circuits are offered:

𒊹 Departure at 14:30 p.m. – 8,470 km > 5€ per hiker

𒊹 Departure at 14 p.m. – 11,5km  > 5€ per hiker

The book village at the Salle du Mée

In 2024, the Village (ex fair) of the Book will be held at the Jardin du Parc, like all the activities of the Sportiviales (excluding the race). This Village will host comic book spaces, local authors, novels, dedications by leading authors in connection with the Vitré media library and local partner bookstores, and workshops for children related to reading. Under a barnum specially installed near the entrance on the Boulevard de Châteaubriant side, you can meet around forty authors. Discover the list of authors and publishers present ici.

The Sports Springboard

Saturday, April 20,e 10 a.m. to 19 p.m. at the Jardin du Parc.

Discovery of sports with “young athlete” workshops for children from 6 to 12 years old: BMX with the Club BMX Vitre ; Rollerball with La Vitréenne Skates ; fencing with The Vitréenne ; cycling with the CCV ; judo with the Vitrean Dojo ; baseball with The Vitréenne ; Football with theAS Vitre ; basket with theaurora basketball Club ; handball with The Vitréenne ; tennis with the Tennis Club Vitreen ; golf ; Rugby with theAurora Rugby Club ; archery with theCastle Archer, sailing and rowing with the ANCPV… there will be something for everyone!