Du March 9 au April 6th

In 2024, the Carnival of Gais Lurons celebrates its 63st edition! Discover this unmissable event in Vitré, which is one of the biggest carnivals in the department!

Carnaval des Gais Lurons
Carnival of the Gais Lurons ©Le Fellic

In 1953, a group of friends created the association "Les Sans Soucis" with the aim of animating the Sainte-Croix district in order to raise money for the repair of the bell tower of the Sainte-Croix church. The animation was a success and a few years later, in 1958, "Les Sans Soucis" became "Les Gais Lurons". This animation, the "Mid-Lent" then extends to the entire city of Vitré. It became the “Carnival” in 1993. Access has been free since 1999. The carnival consists of a disguised parade and thematic floats.

Historically, the Daytime Parade is held on Palm Sunday. If the original parade was always organized during the day, since 2006, a night parade has also been organized, with all the floats illuminated. This is organized two weeks after that of days (this year, three weeks later).

On the sidelines of these two parades, other events are also organized. Find below the complete program of activities for the Gais Lurons in 2024:

Saturday March 9 and Sunday March 10: open days

From 10 a.m. to 00 p.m. and from 12 p.m. to 00 p.m., Rue de la Haie-Robert in Vitré.

Registrations for confetti sellers

For children and adults, registration of ganimated groups around the tanks and delivery of costumes (deposit of 30€)

Friday March 15: opening of the funfair

Stands and rides open from Friday March 15 to Sunday March 24, 2024.
On the Place du Champ-de-Foire, in Vitré

Reduced prices on Wednesday.

Sunday March 17: Gais Lurons cycling race

Departure: 14:30 p.m. from Place Saint-Yves in Vitré

Senior, junior race, open cycling pass
With the help of the Cyclo-Club Vitréen

Saturday March 23: mini-parade


18:00 p.m.: departure from Place du General De Gaulle

18 p.m. : reception of groups and music of class 04 at the Town Hall


20:30 p.m. – Vitré Exhibition Center

On reservation (permanence on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. from Saturday February 18)

©Rose-Cassandre Orriere

The carnival of the Gais Lurons

Sunday March 24: daytime carnival

10 a.m. – 00 p.m.: city entertainment

Aubades of musical groups in different districts of the city of Vitré

Then setting up the floats before the start of the parade

Route of the Carnival of the Gais Lurons on April 2, 2023
Night Carnival route on April 15

14:30 p.m.: departure of the cavalcade from 32 Boulevard de Laval

Floats, entertainment and dancing groups, very festive atmosphere music and music on boulevard des Rochers

18:30 p.m.: performances and aubades by musical groups (15 Boulevard des Rochers)

©Rose-Cassandre Orriere

The carnival of the Gais Lurons, the daytime parade

Saturday April 6: night carnival

The Enchantment of Lights

21:30 p.m.: departure of the night parade, the “Féerie des Lumières”
Floats illuminated and animated by a musical group.

Final around midnight Place du Champ-de-Foire

Ignition of Gai Luron 63

Confetti Battle

Fête Foraine | Carnaval Les Gais Lurons

Local entertainment (Kermesse / Bingo…)

Fairground | Carnival Les Gais Lurons


Dîner-dansant des Gais Lurons

Traditions and folklore, festivals

Gais Lurons dinner dance


Grand prix cycliste des Gais Lurons

Sports and Recreation

Gais Lurons cycling Grand Prix