Medieval city of character labeled "City of Art and History", Vitré enjoys a cultural richness and a preserved historic center which irresistibly attracts visitors in search of authentic experiences.
Thirteenth town in Brittany with more than 18 inhabitants, energized by its location at the gates of Brittany, Vitré will seduce you with its many assets!

rue d'embas vitré
©Pierre Lepoutre

Vitré, a must-see tourist destination at the gates of Brittany

Surprising, lively and turned towards nature, Vitré exudes authenticity.
Its jewel, the Vitré castle, shines well beyond the borders of Brittany. Its imposing silhouette and high ramparts have watched over the historic center since the XNUMXth century. It keeps in memory its medieval past with a large number of half-timbered houses.
Look up to see the secrets of these amazing facades ! The center of Vitré also vibrates thanks to its charming cobbled streets which are full of boutique shops and a large number of restaurants. The Vilaine river runs through the city and offers natural bubbles where it is good to relax, like the bucolic Lavandières' meadow.

Ideal destination for a weekend, many nuggets await you around Vitré

Vitré and its country is a territory to explore and you will be delighted to discover many nuggets:
Le Château des Rochers Sévigné and its superb park,
The charming town of Champeaux and its collegiate church Renaissance style,
Le "The Garden of the Arts", remarkable exhibition in Châteaubourg.
The Château du Bois Cornillé, in Val d'Izé, a veritable green setting, is also worth a little detour.

Rue Baudrairie ©Thibault Poriel

Vitré, a city open to the world

From the XNUMXth century, Vitré is greatly enriched thanks to the canvas (hemp cloth) trade.

The Vitrean merchants then founded the Brotherhood of Overseas Merchants and export their goods internationally, from Spain to Flanders via England.

Their prosperity left a lasting mark on the city: they built luxurious half-timbered houses (with their shop on the ground floor) and contribute financially to the construction of theNotre-Dame church.

Following the Overseas Merchants, many Vitresians set out to explore the world. The most famous of them, Pierre-Olivier Malherbe (1570-1637), was the first Frenchman to circumnavigate the world by land!

The city has carried on this legacy

 This is demonstrated today by its twinnings with the towns of Helmstedt (Germany), Lymington (England), Terrebonne (Canada), Djenne (Little), Villajoyosa (Spain), Greece (United States), sroda (Poland) and Talmaciu (Romania). 

It also benefits from its location at the gates of Brittany: Vitré is 2 hours by TGV from Paris and 45 minutes by road from Rennes airport. 

A dynamic territory at the gates of Brittany

Vitré is finally a city ​​with a prosperous economy driven by industry which represents 40% of jobs. This economic dynamism is explained by a favorable geographical position and the establishment of numerous companies with national and international influence. With a rate of unemployment less than 5% the Pays de Vitré - Porte de Bretagne is one of the most dynamic employment areas in France

Château de Vitré
Vitré Castle © Vitré Community-TPoriel

Vitré culture side

Thus, heritage and culture are part of Vitré’s DNA. Exceptional settings accommodate its two museums. THE Museum of the Château de Vitré takes you to the heart of the fortress to discover its history.
The Rochers Sévigné Museum takes place in the Rochers-Sévigné Castle to tell you the story of the Marquise de Sévigné. Take advantage of this visit to discover the magnificent park of the castle and its French garden designed by Le Nôtre, gardener of Louis XIV.

South of the station, theVitré Artothèque is unique in Ille-et-Vilaine. 1 works of contemporary art, ranging from photography, sculpture and prints can be borrowed by everyone, like books in a library. Temporary exhibitions by international artists are very regularly organized. Free access.

The performing arts are not to be outdone! At Jacques Duhamel Cultural Center, performance hall, theater and auditorium host numerous cultural and artistic events. The conservatory of music and dramatic arts, a plastic arts school, is located on rue de Verdun.

chateau de vitré
© Pierre Lepoutre

Vitré on the natural side

In the heart of a hilly countryside, Vitré enjoys an exceptional location. In a few minutes, you will escape the hustle and bustle of the city center by escaping to the Lavandières' meadow, on the banks of the Vilaine, or at Park garden, familial and poetic. 
Many bodies of water, ponds and greenways also punctuate the territory, offering endless possibilities for outdoor activities.
Hiking, cycling or horseback riding, nautical activities, fishing, bird watching ... Take advantage of a immersion in Breton nature Breton !