The best way to discover Vitré and its heritage with a guide-lecturer. Explore the cobbled streets of the old town, marvel at the imposing architecture of the castle or admire the exquisite work of the interwar creations, it's up to you!

5 guided tours to discover Vitré:

« Vitré Castle, between fortress and residence »

1h30 to discover the castle and free access to the museum rooms following the visit.

Perched on its promontory, the castle offers an exceptional view of the city.
Set off to discover one of the most beautiful witnesses of the fortifications of the Marches de Bretagne with towers, curtain walls, arches, machicolations and even its drawbridge...
The guide-lecturer also takes you to the Saint-Laurent tower to discover the rooms of the museum.

Saint-Laurent Tower ©Photo Plus Maignan

« Vitré, from the year one thousand to the present day »

1h30 to discover the history and architectural heritage of the thousand-year-old city.

Let yourself be guided through the streets of the historic center of Vitré.

Half-timbered houses, houses with porches and the mark of overseas merchants, the history of Vitré will no longer have any secrets for you!

© Pierre Lepoutre – Half-timbered house

“Vitré, from the castle of the barons to the city of merchants”

1h30 to discover the exterior of the castle and the beauty of the old town.

The guide-lecturer invites you to discover this unmissable historic center by showing you the numerous timber-framed facades and the majestic fortified castle which overlooks the city..

An ideal visit for groups wishing to have an overview of the rich history of Vitré.

© Michel Poussier – Guided tour in the historic center

“Odorico and interwar architecture in Vitré”

1h30 to discover the revival of the city and its architecture between 1920 and 1940.

Let yourself be told the story of the famous family of mosaicists who settled in Rennes at the end of the 19th century, illustrated by their vitreous creations.

Art-deco, regionalism, modernism, it’s all there. A little-known era full of surprises!

© Hervé Ronné – Maison Fouillet in Vitré

“A walk in the Jardin du Parc”

1h30 to discover the old garden of the castle of the Princess of Taranto and the art of gardens at the end of the 19th century.

Designed in 1867 by Georges Aumont, the garden of Vitré Park is a fine example of the large public gardens with which cities were decorated under the Second Empire. More than 50 different species and century-old trees, as well as numerous elements of amenities will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of elegant Sundays before 1914.

© Noé C. Photography – CRT Bretagne

Our 2024 guided tour prices:

. Group package (1 to 12 people) - €96
. Additional person (13th to 35th person) - €8

Beyond 35 people, a second guide is necessary for the quality and safety of the visit and a second package applies.
We offer free admission for 20 paying adults, as well as free driver/guide.