Stroll at your own pace in the footsteps of the brotherhood of overseas merchants, linger over the old half-timbered houses and marvel at the Château de Vitré.
Gardens of the city and superb views are also available to you during your day in Vitré.
One thing is certain: you will be amazed!

Château de Vitré
©Tourist Office of the Pays de Vitré


Start your day with the most majestic of Vitrean monuments: the Vitré castle. This medieval fortress and mystery halo turrets have superbly survived the centuries; they will not leave you indifferent.
Want to know more about this exceptional monument? You can opt for a guided tour of the castle or discover the interior thanks to the Castle Museum.

The surroundings of the Château de Vitré are teeming with medieval alleys whose half-timbered houses are full of picturesque details. Take the time to stroll through the streets of the city center : rue d'En Bas, rue de la Baudrairie or even rue de la Poterie will transport you to the days of overseas merchants.

This brotherhood of Merchants has also left its marks on Notre-Dame church. Its flourishing gothic style architecture flamboyant contains rich decorative elements : stained-glass windows, exterior pulpits, sculpted gables… Do not miss the panorama offered from the Benedictine garden, behind the church.

Restaurant vitré

Lunch break time

Lunchtime has already arrived!
Take a seat in one of the good restaurants in Vitré.
If you are visiting on a Monday or Saturday, you can also eat at the Vitré market located on Place de la République, it is full of local and gourmet products!

Afternoon :

Continue your visit to Vitré with a digestive walk along the Val promenade, at the foot of the ramparts (XNUMXth-XNUMXth century). You will appreciate the green panorama as well as the sheep grazing along the promenade.
Below the rue du Val, you will enjoy an exceptional view of the Château de Vitré and its imposing turrets. Take the time to appreciate the show before taking the small passage leading to the Lavandières' meadow, one of Vitré's hidden gems.

Château de Vitré
©Max Juillot
Ancienne Tannerie, Pré des Lavandières ©crtb-Thibault Poriel
Former Tannery, Pré des Lavandières ©crtb-Thibault Poriel
Jardin du Parc Vitré
©Vitré Community – Thibault Poriel

To extend this bubble of nature, continue your journey towards the Chemin des Tertres Noirs. This isolated mound offers a unique perspective on the towers of the Vitré castle, its ramparts as well as the city and its four bell towers. You will have to climb but the climb is worth the effort!

After a few steps along the stone walls, you will come to this oasis of greenery and tranquility fitted out in 1989 by the landscaper Erwan Tymen.
On the edge of the Vilaine, weeping willows, soft grass and picnic tables invite you to relax. In the background, you will see the old tannery.


The heart of the city awaits you to share a friendly moment in a wine bar or restaurant in Vitré. Stroll through the streets at nightfall, rediscover the traditional houses and monuments at dusk.