The Pays de Vitré Tourist Office collects and analyzes tourist data on its territory. Consult the key figures, the season reports, the results of the surveys carried out among tourism professionals.

Reflection Survey

Document produced by the Vitré Community Tourism department.

In 2022, the CRT Bretagne is launching the major REFLET survey (Region Leisure and Tourism Attendance Survey). Find here the results of the 2022 Vitré Communauté survey.

Assessment carried out in comparison with regional, departmental and scale data from the 10 Breton tourist destinations.
A real tool to help with the construction of tourism strategy, it provides you with the main trends in tourism in the region.

Pre-assessment of the 2023 tourist season

Document produced by the Vitré Community Tourism department.

Key figures for the tourist season from May to September 2023.

  • Tourist accommodation
  • Leisure site
  • Events

Ille-et-Vilaine Tourisme has produced a “portrait of the territory”

Document produced by the Vitré Community Tourism service and the Ille-et-Vilaine Tourism Observation service (Departmental Agency).

Realization of the territory portrait of Vitré Community in order to observe the tourist activity of the territory and in order to set up concrete actions on the ground.

Inside you can read about different topics:

  • Key figures
  • The tourist offer
  • Daytime and nighttime attendance report (Flux Vision Tourisme system)
  • Overnight attendance report

The Tourist Observatory page

The Vitré Community Tourism and Hiking service contributes to local tourist observation of the territory, discover their page dedicated to the tourist observatory here

Seasonal attendance in Ille-et-Vilaine

The Ille & Vilaine Tourisme observatory sets up seasonal reports based on the analysis of data from the Flux Vision Tourisme tool.

Studies carried out by the Observation service of Ille-et-Vilaine Tourisme (Departmental Agency).

Business surveys

You answered it during the year 2022 and 2023!

The economic surveys are listed using satisfaction and trend indicators. They make it possible to follow the tourist activity on the territory in real time.

Surveys carried out by Tourisme de Bretagne and the Vitré Community Tourism service as well as the Pays de Vitré Tourist Office.

Geocaching course – attendance statistics

The principle ? Promote the cultural or natural heritage of the territory in an original and fun way! Create a geocaching route with the mobile app Treasures of Upper Brittany in order to diversify the tourist offer and offer locals and tourists a new way to travel our territory. Different routes are accessible in the Pays de Vitré:

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