Ten minutes from Châteaubourg, the Corbière forest, a protected natural area, is home to incredible biodiversity.
For a walk with family or friends, take advantage of the discovery circuit laid out across the 630 hectares of the site.

Forêt de la corbière
Corbière Forest © Florine Jubert

De water, wood and black shale

In the Corbière forest, you are in the heart of Chevré forest massif. In the Middle Ages, this massif extended to the forests of Rennes, Liffré and Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier! Archaeological excavations have also shown that men already occupied the site in the Neolithic period, that is to say between - 2 and - 000 BC. Ancient paths lined with hedges confirm the ancient presence of men who came to look for something. heat, build or make tools or wine barrels.

The Corbière Forest ©Vitré Community/ADT35-M.LeGall

The pond of Corbière

If you follow the trail you will come to theCorbière pond. By letting yourself go over the water, you will only hear the sound of your footsteps and the song of the birds in front of this beautiful body of water. Long private property, the site was also a precious reserve of black shale. The rock was exploited to build the paths of Marpiré or to shape the slates of the roofs of the houses in the region.

Forêt de la corbière
Corbière Forest © Florine Jubert

Exceptional Fauna and Flora

The Corbière forest is populated by many species of mammals, amphibians and birds, of which about fifty are protected. The site is made up of beautiful specimens of pedunculate and sessile oaks, beeches, maritime pines… But also bluebells, ferns, irises…


access: By car, take the RD 29 which connects Marpiré to Broons-sur-Vilaine or the RD 95 which connects La Bouëxière and Châteaubourg.
GPS coordinates : "La Corbière, Marpiré",
Long. : -1,374 - Lat. 48,137.
Average travel time: 3,5 km, 1 hour.