Each month, a hike is led by volunteers from
the Tourist Office on one of the 77 circuits of the Pays de Vitré.
A unique opportunity to practice walking in a friendly atmosphere, and to discover the territory.

Hiking program 2024 ©Tourist Office of the Pays de Vitré
  • Sunday, January 28: “Regrettis circuit” in Saint-M’Hervé (on reservation)
  • Sunday February 25: « circuit des Rochers – variante » à Montautour / CANCELED
  • Sunday 17 March: “Aumarin circuit” in Bourgneuf-la-Forêt (53)
  • Sunday, April 28: “circuit des deux Étangs” in Argentré-du-Plessis
  • Sunday, May 26: “Circuit de la Gaudinais” in Saint-Jean-sur-Vilaine
  • Sunday, September 22: “Circuit, par la circuit” in Parcé (35)
  • Dimanche octobre 27: “Landes de Jaunousse circuit” in Combourtillé (35)
  • Sunday, November 24: “tour around the city” in Champeaux (for the benefit of the Telethon)
  • Sunday December 22: “circuit de la Pelleterie” in Montreuil-sous-Pérouse

Annual outing, per day

Sunday June 23 in Le Pertre :
Circuit du Vau Follet [8,2 km] and Circuit du Bois de Clermont [12,5 km]

©Vitré Community – ADT35 – Mr. Le Gall

Year-round rates

Membership of the Pays de Vitré Tourist Office association:
Individual: €35,00 / Family or couple: €42,00
FFRP license *: Individual: €45,80 / Family or couple: €71,20
Passion Rando subscription: €6,00
The FFRP License price includes the license including civil liability insurance and membership in the Tourist Office

Hiking prices

Occasional hikers : 3€/person or 5€/couple.
Free for less than 12 years.
FFRP Licensee: 2 € / person if not a member of the Tourist Office, on presentation of the FFRP card.


We encourage carpooling as an eco-citizen act. As an indication, the cost of a trip for a passenger is approximately 0,10 € per kilometer. Transport is the responsibility of the hiker. For more information, please contact the facilitators (numbers in the program).