The Tourist Office offers a varied selection of products for young and old!
Posters, postcards, books, docu-comics, topoguides, games, travel delicacies... 
You will inevitably find your happiness there!

Glazed on the Marches de Bretagne, on sale at the shop:

“A fiction that is part of historical reality. » Editions Petit à Petit

The album is divided into nine chapters from the time of the Merovingians to the escape of political prisoners from prison as the Liberation approached in April 1944. Travel in the past alongside Pierre Landais, Pierre Malherbe, overseas merchants, Marquise of Sevigne, Barons André II and André III, Arthur Le Moyne de la Borderie and discover our history… The history of the Marches of Brittany! All enriched with extensive documentation on the different eras crossed over the story.

This new docu-comic tells the story of Vitré!

​Editions Petit à Petit and the town hall of Vitré have created a comic strip: Vitré on the steps of Brittany. By combining reality and fiction, this docu-comic allows you to rediscover the great episodes in the history of the Breton town!

Selling price: 18,90 €

Christmas mosaic » an art therapy coloring book for ages 7 to 100

A Christmas story to read and color! In this work, the illustrator Liudmila Ménager embodies a Santa Claus adventure... in the forest of Brocéliande during his big festive race!
Through 25 drawings and magical legends you enter a deliberately dreamlike space in order to give back to the Sky, to water and ice, to the earth and the forest, to men and to the party, the meaning of happiness!

“The Treasures of Brittany”, a coloring guide book

We discover 30 astonishing drawings to color in places and cities (from all Breton departments), accompanied by individual legends which will amaze readers who will discover the true treasures of Brittany: its people with the fruits of their own creativity for centuries, their embroidery, their tales and their world-famous heritage.

Selling price: 17,00 €

Our MOVI posters

We are also Unique selling point of the beautiful MOVI posters, made with the effigy of the Pays de Vitré, on sale in 40x60cm, A4 (20x30cm) format or in postcard version. Other versions available: our posters with the effigy of La Guerche-de-Bretagne, Champeaux, Châteaubourg, and the Cantache lake.

Souvenirs and decoration of your stay in Brittany

We offer various souvenirs from the Pays de Vitré in our shop:
To enjoy your little coffee, our mugs with the effigy of Vitré and its inescapable heritage will be perfect. For a table without a trace of glass during aperitifs, the coasters with the effigy of Vitré will be your essentials!
The Magnets, with the effigy of the Vitreous heritage or the Breton flag are small timeless souvenirs with key rings!

Post card€2,00
Poster 30×40 cm€7,00
Poster 40×60 cm€20,00
MOVI product prices

Local designers are honored in our shop:

Two creators of the collective Very Inspired Life exhibit their creations at the tourist office. For the next three months you can discover:

Crookies® caramel-buckwheat ©Gaël Pâtisserie

Travel treats…

This is the latest addition to the store of theTourist Office of the Pays de Vitré : the Crookies® of Gael Pastry in a pretty packaging with the effigy of Vitré.

A gift idea, a souvenir that is easy to carry and enjoy without moderation!

You can also discover the the monument mugs with the effigy of Vitré!

Selling price: 5,90 €

Mug Monuments Glazed

Club-Commerce Gift Certificates

Club-Commerce gift vouchers, valid in shops and stores in the Pays de Vitré are on sale at the Tourist Office!

Do you want to offer several notebooks? Save time by contacting our team, we will prepare your notebook in Click & Collect mode!

Rather than a gift card valid in a single store, opt for these gift vouchers valid in more than a hundred stores, spread across Vitré and its surroundings. The sum of the checks is divided between checks valid in small businesses (70% of the sum) and in larger chains (30% of the sum) in order to promote local commerce. Valid for one year.

If you enjoyed the Garden of the Arts in Châteaubourg

“Yvon Lechevestrier lends his pen to a beautiful old cedar tree in Ar Milin park. The tree has seen it all, heard it all for the 20 years that the Garden of the Arts. Rich memories of encounters with the creators of the exhibition and the sculptors. A nice story. »

Topo-guide Hikes

Topo-guide and hiking guides

Discover the 77 hiking trails of the Pays de Vitré

Several hiking topo-guides are available for sale at the Tourist Office: Pays de Vitré, Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany, Routes des Châteaux en Bretagne, etc. • Selling price: 5,00 €

Games and books for children

The Tourist Office shop offers several books for children to discover medieval times, knights and princesses while having fun… But also coloring books on this theme.
A Discovery Game Book also allows discover the city in a fun way through puzzles, rebuses and questions (8-12 years old), produced by the municipal council for the children of Vitré!
The Boutique also offers the game of 7 families on the theme of the medieval.